Walking For Cierra Sisters & Breast Cancer Awareness
Learn About Walking For Health & Breast Cancer In The Black Community 

Tuesday, October 13th

@ 3:00PM (EST)
Meet The Presenters
Dr. Charlotte Huntley
For My Health Today
Dr. Charlotte Huntley is a recognized leader in the public health industry. She has over 18 years of successful experience as an accomplished epidemiologist, microbiologist, consultant, and podcaster. She is the host and producer of the For My Health Today Podcast, which serves as a health promotion platform, targeting topics of diabetes, physical activity, and women's health topics. Dr. Huntley's exercise of choice is walking, and she is passionate about encouraging other women to start, maintain, and enjoy regular walking routines to improve their health.
Bridgette Hempstead
Cierra Sisters
Cierra Sisters was founded by Bridgette Hempstead shortly after her own diagnosis. It is a breast cancer survivor and support organization. The name is rooted in African origins; “Cierra” meaning “knowing”, reminding us that knowledge is in fact power. The mission of Cierra Sisters is to break the cycle of fear and increase knowledge concerning breast cancer in the African-American and underserved communities.
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